2017 Housing Survey

Dated: 07/13/2017

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John Faber

John Faber has lived in West Michigan his entire life and with strong family ties in the area, he takes his clients' needs to heart and treats them like family when helping them buy or sell a home. J....

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  • Posted by Toni Detore
    Dear John:\r\nI just want to let you know that it makes me so happy to look at properties in Michigan. I presently live in New York, and I have long dreamed to retire \"back home\". Some people look forward to checking the \"game\" or whats going on with Wash D.C., (OMG) I like it when I see the pictures you send because I dream of being back home in my beautiful state.. I grew up there and dream of returning someday. Thank you. Keep the pictures of \"Dream Homes\" coming..

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